There are 4 categories for the event:

All Entries are $25. No Entry Cost for Chef Category Entries.

NOTE: Category descriptions, rules and event information can be found in the Entry Forms

Chef Category – Entries from local chefs, restaurants and culinary arts school around the Kelowna Area. Any chef with a restaurant sponsorship or a red or blue seal chef may enter. Culinary Arts students are also eligible for this category.

Gingerbread House Event Chef Entry Form

Open Category – Entrants create their own entry at home within the rules of the competition. This category is geared towards more individual efforts with small teams allowed. This category will have two age categories (Youth, Adult)

Gingerbread House Event OPEN Entry Form

Packaged Kit Category – Each entrant in this category will have 4 hours on the day of the event to create the best possible gingerbread house with the items that they are given. This category is geared towards small teams and in particular, families with children. This category will have three categories (Family, Team, Creative)

Gingerbread House Event KIT Entry Form

Recreational Kit Category – Everyone wins in this category. There is no judging for the Recreational Category. In this category, you come in, build your house and take it home with you. Unlike at home, you don’t have to clean up the mess. You take/eat your gingerbread house and we clean? That’s definitely a win/win.

Gingerbread House Event REC KIT Entry Form