Kelowna Volunteer Opportunities

Are you looking for volunteer opportunities in Kelowna? Then the Gingerbread House Event is looking for you! We are looking for enthusiastic, dedicated and fun volunteers to be a part of a growing family fun event.

The past three events saw nearly 150 entries and over 800 people enjoy building and displays of Gingerbread Houses. We are anticipating that 2013 will have another great turnout and continue to be a spectacular Kelowna Community Event.

Volunteer Opportunities Available:

Michelle Stephenson

2012 Photographer

  • Sponsorship Coordinator
  • School Rep
  • Community Coordinator
  • Registration Coordinator
  • Head Judge
  • Media Coordinator

In addition, we need support volunteers to assist in approaching sponsors, dressing up in our mascot during events to spread the word and other miscellaneous tasks.

If you want to volunteer in Kelowna, then this type of opportunity is worth checking out. To get more information, email

Volunteer Job Descriptions:

Sponsorship Coordinator - Coordinates with committee members, keeps contact information and finds sponsorship for the event.
School Rep- engages schools to establish competition amongst grades and schools.
Community Coordinator – engages community groups, senior centres, sports groups, etc. Coordinate mascot (“Cookie”)
Head Judge - Prepares judging guidelines, organizes judges at event and tallies scores.
Media Coordinator - Submit event to online calendars, prepare and send up to four press releases, send press release to our mailing list, contact local media for media exposure opportunities, may include some social media marketing on our facebook and twitter accounts
Event Volunteers – helpers for various tasks including: registration, set-up, clean-up, entry placements, and other miscellaneous tasks.

A Thank You Note to Kelowna Volunteers

We would like to extend our thanks to every volunteer in Kelowna. Without the hard work and dedication that each of you put in, our community as a whole would not be nearly as amazing as it is. Kelowna is lucky to have so many wonderful volunteers and we hope that the Kelowna volunteering community continues thrive. When spare time is often a luxury rather than an abundant commodity for so many people, Kelowna is lucky to see so many volunteer opportunities filled.

Thank you and keep up the amazing work.
Gingerbread House Event Team