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We are pleased to invite you, and your team to participate in the 3rd Annual Gingerbread House Event, on December 16th, 2012 at the Parkinson Recreation Centre. This multi-layered community event, which includes a packaged kit competition, open competition, and Chef’s competition, will once again be inspired by its’ core values:

  • Create a family friendly event and atmosphere that promotes fun
  • Provide funds and food to the community through the Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs
  • Ensure that anyone can participate regardless of their financial situation

Partial proceeds from this event will directly support the Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs’ ”Cool Moves” program which promotes physical activity and healthy eating. This program helps kids perform better in school and have a higher self-esteem which directly translates into a more successful and fulfilling life. This is an excellent opportunity to help hundreds of boys and girls throughout the Okanagan Valley.

We are looking for chefs to compete in this family event and we feel that you and your business are a perfect fit.  Please accept this invitation to compete as a VIP Chef competitor in this high profile, exciting event, and annual tradition in Kelowna. The Chef category is open to: anyone sponsored by a restaurant, an un-sponsored chef with either a red or blue seal certification and/or any student of a culinary arts program.

There are a few changes to this year’s Chef’s competition:

Chef participants will be permitted to display their name, and company name with their entry.

  • Chef entries will be permitted the use of battery operated lighting.
  • The Chef Category winner will be awarded a $200.00 cash prize, a trophy, and most important, bragging rights.  Second and third place winners will receive medals.

With your participation, it is our hope that we can build on the success of past years to create a truly amazing event now and beyond.

Thank you for considering participation in this event.  Should you have any questions, be interested in sponsorship, or wish to offer a donation to our raffle, please do not hesitate to contact:

Fatima Varga

Thank you for your consideration and support!

Online Chef Registration

Rules and Procedures

The following Rules and Procedures have been set forth and established by Gingerbread House Event Committee for the purpose of the 3rd Annual Gingerbread House Event. Please retain these sheets for your records. For additional information, download the Chef Entry Form or contact the Chef Coordinator by email at .

Entering and Qualifying to Enter:

To register for the event, you can register: online via PayPal, email, or drop off a completed registration form in an envelope at the Parkinson Recreation Centre or the Burger Baron. We will also be accepting registrations at the event. Entry numbers will be assigned upon receipt of completed entry forms, and pre-registered competitors will receive an e-mail with an entry number confirming their entry into the 2012 Gingerbread House Event.

Only one (1) entry per entry form is permitted.

The 2012 Gingerbread House Event Entry Form must be signed by the individual entering the event. If the individual is younger than the age of nineteen (19) by the date of the event, a signature from a parent or legal guardian is required in conjunction with the minor’s signature.

Team Entries are allowed for entry under the following guidelines.

  • Please complete one (1) entry form for the team that includes only the team captain’s contact information.
  • Complete the team entry form on page two with the other team member’s first and last names and their age.
  • A signature from a parent or legal guardian will still be required for each team member under nineteen (19) years of age.
  • In the event a Team Entry places in the event, the team captain will be the recipient of any prizes. Distribution or splitting of any prize, ribbon(s), or plaque will be left to the team captain to determine.
  • A Chef team may have any number of team members.

Due to space, only a limited number of entries will be accepted into the event.

The Event Committee reserves the right to refuse any entry deemed inappropriate.

Cancellation Policy:

The Event Committee understands that situations may cause competitors to withdraw from the event. Entrants withdrawing after December 9th, 2012 will forfeit their entry fees. In the event that you are no longer able to compete, please email .

Entry Categories and Guidelines:

The following categories are open for entry into the 2012 Gingerbread House Event at the Parkinson Recreation Centre at 1800 Parkinson Way, Kelowna, BC:

Chef Individuals eighteen (18) years of age and older entering as a Single Entrant or a Team.

Placing and Prizes:

Chef Category                     Grand Prize Winner – $200, Trophy

Awards will be placed at the winning entries between 4pm and 4:30pm. The viewer’s choice award will be awarded at 4:30pm. Winners may claim their prizes at the registration table.

Size Limitations, Identification, and Description:

Not to exceed 36 inches high, 36 inches wide and 36 inches long. Entry must be placed on a board base. We suggest using ½” or ¾” plywood as a base for your entry. Entries combined with a base must not be larger than the maximum dimensions listed above. If you wish to install “legs” on the underside of your base, the legs are considered as part of the base and should not cause the entry’s height to exceed 36 inches.

Write your name and address on the underside of your base.

INCLUDE with your gingerbread entry a typed description of your entry up to one page in length. Include any unique features about your gingerbread entry and materials used in the construction process. The top of your sheet should have the name of your gingerbread entry. The description will ONLY be used for publicity and for display purposes; the judges may read the description but will not be used for judging purposes unless requested by the Head Judge.

Judging Process and Judging Criteria:

All entries MUST be handed in no later than 3pm on Sunday, December 16th, 2012. Winners will be announced the same day after 4pm.

Entries will be judged based on three criteria:

  • First Impression
  • Creativity
  • Difficulty

(The theme should be the competitor’s own and consistent throughout the entry. There is no required theme for the event.)

All rulings by the judges are independent and final. They are in no way influenced by Parkinson Recreation Centre Staff or Okanagan Boys and Girls Club Staff except those specifically performing the judging. In the event of a tie, the event Head Judge will be asked to break the tie.

Materials and Construction:

Except for the base, entries must be constructed and composed entirely of edible materials. The main structure should be constructed primarily of gingerbread. Paint and/or ribbon may be used to decorate the outer edge of your plywood base (not to exceed the length and/or width of the base). Any entry with non-edible components will be automatically disqualified.

Candies must be unwrapped and free of any non-edible materials such as lollipop sticks. Edible materials are not limited to sweets.

No artificial display materials, such as Styrofoam are to be used in the construction or decoration of the entry.

Entrants may decorate their entries with battery operated lighting. (NEW for 2012)

All entries must be solely constructed by the individual(s) entering the event. Youth competitors may be supervised, for safety precautions, by a parent, legal guardian, or classroom teacher. However, all entry design, construction, and decoration must be done solely by the individual(s) entering the event. (Acceptable supervision example: When youth competitors require assistance with operating the oven and/or stovetop.)


The entries are not limited to the structure of a house. Competitors are welcome and encouraged to uniquely design their entry, as long as the entry is in keeping with the event Rules and Procedures and the Judging Criteria.

The Event Judging Committee reserves the right to refuse any entry deemed inappropriate.

Entry Check-in and Entry Pick-up:

Completed entries must be delivered to the Parkinson Recreation Centre on Sunday, December 16th, 2012 between 10am and 3pm.

The Drop-off area will be at the main entrance of Parkinson Recreation Centre. Vehicles will be allowed a maximum of fifteen (15) minutes for unloading entries. Violators may be disqualified from the event. Please be aware that the neither the Parkinson Recreation Centre nor the Event Staff are permitted to assist in the direct transportation of any entry; this is for the safety of the event entries.

Entry Check-In will proceed in the following order:

  • Check-in at the registration tables located in the McIntosh Banquet Room. Signs will be posted at the entrance.
  • Line up at the photography station located along the wall of the McIntosh Banquet Room.
  • Entry placement, predetermined by the entry number, will be assigned upon check-in and an event volunteer will direct entrants to their display section.

If you wish to keep your entry, you may pick it up between 5pm and 6pm on the day of the event. Entries not picked up will be discarded. Entries may NOT be picked up prior to 5pm.

Display Information:

Entries will be on display and viewable by the public until 5pm on Sunday, December 16th, 2012.

Online Chef Registration